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If you are like me, one of the fortunate ones who is no longer adrift and finds the winds of love blowing in your direction, I suggest you immediately weigh anchor, unfurl and hoist your sails, come about and point windward to face love head on. Navigating love can sometimes be rough waters, and at times, you may find you should have zigged instead of“zagged, but I promise you, if you maintain a steady course, it is worth the voyage baby. There is nothing comparable—I know, I have sailed that wind before… and I shall again.


Diary Entry: Day 89

Like the lines from John Legend's song ALL OF ME, My heads Underwater But I'm Breathing Fine. I find myself still underwater, so to speak, but I am no longer drowning in sorrow and despair. She's gone, I am alone and there's no changing that, but there is changing me. After all these years, I'd forgotten who I was, and now I am beginning to enjoy the hell out of discovering who I am again and what I am really made of. My head was so far up the ass of feigned love, I wouldn't have recognized true love if it hit me with the boom swinging in front of me. I'm not there yet, but at least I know what it is not. The 6-day storm is over, and the seas are calming.

Diary Entry: Day 172

Been in the port of Portofino for two weeks now. Been practicing my Italian again. It's all

starting to come back to me, and not just the language. 

Diary Entry: Day 317

I have not left Italy. This place has opened my eyes and awakened my heart and soul. It

dazzles me, as does Vitoria. I can not keep what I have learned to myself. I must plant it

in the sea of trouble, so someone like me can find it to navigate their own troubled

waters. Tomorrow I will cast bottle and navigation charts for passage through love lost to the secret course to inner peace, and real love. I cast them upon the waters and I know they will not return void but accomplish all that they are supposed to. 

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