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"Ah, you absolutely, positively killed me with this novel! It had me laughing and crying and anxious for Adam. It reads like an old-fashion love story! Well done, excellent work!" 

Katrina Hollander, Editor/Author

"This novel touched all my emotions! It had me turning pages at 3 in the morning. I just couldn't put it down!" 

Andrea Palivino, Author

“I loved this story. I was in suspended disbelief throughout and the voice is intriguing. The story flowed effortlessly which combined mystery with a romantic flair that kept me wanting more. I was basically swept off my feet and into the story without any disappointments along the way.”

A.J. Clemments, Author

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In The Eye


Inspired by true events, CATCH HER IN THE EYE is a story of navigating the painful waters of shipwrecked love, and discovering the treasure deep inside of learning to love and trust again. It takes place in the backdrop of the deep south in the charming, waterfront city of New Bern, a city, and a story of colorful characters with colorful pasts. 


When Adam Holden's business tanks and his wife Sunny leaves to find another man of means, his life resembles the aftermath of a JENGA game after one block too many is stacked. Emotionally he withdraws but unless he changes and deals with his issues, trust will always be a four-letter word and misery will remain an unwanted boarder.


A crack appears in the protective wall of indifference he lives behind, when he catches the eye and flirtatious smile of the dazzling woman in the yellow dress during the Annual Spring Arts festival downtown. She'd been playfully posing as the focal point of the old artist's masterpiece. Adam attempts to steal a second look, but the woman has disappeared into the crowd. Locking bumpers in a minor fender bender a week later is not exactly the ideal first meeting for Adam and Carly Barrett, the woman in yellow, but it launches them both on the road to mending their common wounds of lost love and trust and preparing them for what's to come.

Though tempered over the previous six years, the roots of Carly's pain still run deep from losing her fiancé in an auto accident. And here is the chance at new love and an end to her own pain, and they will start as a result of another accident. She is no more a believer in love at first sight than she is of omens, but between her spotting Adam at the festival and him crashing into her car this morning, she's batting a thousand.


Starting from crumbled foundations, Adam and Carly's relationship progresses with cautious expectations, but the bond and intimacy they share quickly becomes as deep and abiding as a loving couple married half a century. It's what helps them deal with life's unexpected cruelty when it shows up and threatens their personal Camelot. Adam must learn that their love transcends natural law and will see them through or risk returning to the dark depths of misery and despair permanently.

This story will appeal to readers of the funny, romantic and bittersweet stories of such works as The Fault In Our Stars by John Green, The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry by Gabrielle Zevin, or All The Bright Places, by Jennifer Nevin.



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