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While waiting for the computer to boot up he leaned back in his chair, sampled the hot tea and let out a sigh. His eyes scanned the glass cases mounted on the wall in front of him focusing on the three antiquated relics from the 1690’s displayed inside them. Of all the artifacts retrieved during his many expeditions to the bottom of the sea, these three found off the coast of Madagascar were his favorite; The partial barrel of a blunderbuss, the hilt of a cutlass with a quarter of its blade intact, and a completely unblemished binnacle that still held parts of a ship's compass. All three remnants had fragments of the same engravings on them that, when pieced together, in context clearly read: 1696 CWK ADVENTURE GALLEY. This confirmed they had indeed not only found the wreck of the Adventure Galley captained by the infamous privateer turned pirate, Captain William Kidd, but that at least two of the artifacts were his own personal weapons.

     Absorbed in his brief moment of musing, he caught himself nodding his head, remembering the elation he’d felt on that successful quest. His thoughts were interrupted when once again the little voice inside hinted at its habitual petition;

     . . . It’s about time for a new adventure, Kensington


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