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I currently enjoy the age that falls under the heading, it’s not polite to ask. Born and raised on Cape Ann in coastal New England, (Manchester-by-the-Sea) and later coastal North Carolina, where I currently reside. I have been fortunate enough to acquire the fondness of tradition and old school qualities, and have blended them with the tranquility of southern charm.

I am a big dog lover and readers can count on my protagonists usually having one. I try to include my own dog, Buster in all my novels.


My professional background includes stints in:

  • Banking and Finance 

  • ABC Television Production (Cameraman, Audio Engineer)

  • A Professional Entertainer (Comedian and Magician)

  • Inventor and Agent

  • Writer (Newspaper Columnist, Copywriter) 

  • Creative Writing Teacher and Coach  

  • Novelist (Several Genres) 

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