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Penny, reading your Peppered, staccato-like, Professional delivery of your theories on the ABC’s of Internet Dating, with all your Probable scenarios, witty Puns, and not so Pristine, but Practical Points of view, has Perhaps been, one of the most Pleasurable things I have Pondered about.


You seem to be so Passionate, and Possess such a keen Perception of the Internet Dating World that you Paint such a Palatable Picture I can taste your words: a virtual Parfait ranging from Peanut Butter to Pickled Pigs Feet to Pheasant under Glass and everything in between. Reading your Pet Peeves of your Priceless Poetic Parodies is like having my own Private Party with Popcorn for one: a Pain-in-the a$$ being just a Party of one but better than being with the wrong Person whose Presence is like an annoying Pebble in my shoe.


It is this Priceless Dating information you bring to the table, and the Pragmatic, but humorous Presentation you Pitch, that keeps me and other Pathetic dateless People (I’m sure) Parallelized and glued to social media while waiting in great anticipation of your next Prodigious, and wonderfully Philosophical, and Promising words of deep Penetrating insight.

I’d love to write more, but my Phone is ringing. I forgot I have a Phone appointment with my Professional Psychologist. Apparently I have some kind of Psychological Propensity to speak in alliteration—Particularly using the letter P. Please Pray for a Possible solution, as it is now becoming Problematic. I need theraPy...

DeForest’s Predictable attempts at humor?  Penniless. My friendship with Penny? Priceless.


DeForest Shields

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